What is the difference between recreational sports and AAU sports?




    • Usually features an open registration and combines all skill levels.



    • Players are guaranteed playing opportunity, no matter the player's skill level.



    • Less expensive than club.



    • Less competitive than club.






    • Also referred to as, travel basketball or AAU basketball.



    • Requires individual tryouts to be enrolled on a team.



    • Players are usually selected based on their playing ability and other factors.



    • Playing time is usually based on production or experience.



    • League/tournament rules usually mirror High School or NCAA rules.



    • Bigger commitment than recreational.



    • More experienced coaches.



    • Competitiveness is highly emphasized.




Cali Rebels is a club program.










What days are the team practices held?

Varies on location but typically two days a week for each team M-Th.

How often do the teams practice?

2 practice per week (1.5 hours per)

Where do the teams practice?

Momentous Sports Center Irvine

Foothill High Tustin

Sage Hill Newport Coast

JCC Irvine

Does Cali Rebels have an off-season?

Yes, we are off mid-August through mid-September.

How many tournaments are held in a month?

We typically organize 1.5-2 tournaments per team per month.






Where will games be held?

Closer tournaments are typically held in Anaheim, Garden Grove, and Ladera Ranch. Farther tournaments are normally held in Las Vegas, San Diego, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara.






Coming to practice is extremely important to us because each missed practice is a big step backwards. If something does come up and you do need to miss practice please text us.





Are all the teams tryout based?

Yes. As we do not enjoy rejecting players through our tryout process, it is necessary that we do this to preserve our competitiveness. With that being said we do have Developmental Clinics that are for kids of all skill levels.

How often do you hold tryouts for your club teams?

We hold one open tryout in August. We also have scheduled tryouts by appointment every other Tuesday.

How much does it cost to tryout?

Tryouts are completely free.

Does my child need to tryout every year?

Yes, we require all our members to tryout every year regardless of if they made the team the previous season.

Can I refer players to join?

Of course! All tryout referrals can be directed to our tryout registration.