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Training for developmental players looking to make the jump to club and simple improve.
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The Program:

Unlike most rec leagues we focus on training and skill development over game play.

-Skills training two days a week

- Divided by grade or skill

  • 2-3 controlled games per month. We make this a true academy and training atmosphere. Training days out weigh the game days until players are ready to play full games and move on to club. 

-Coaches will have playing and coaching experience. No parents allowed to coach. 

-Each Session is 4 months


$225 Per Student / Month


Beginners to Intermediate Tuesday/Thurs:

330pm-430pm K-2

430pm-530pm 3rd-8th

JCC Irvine 1 Federation Way

Advanced to Club Monday/Wed

Mon 6pm-7pm JCC 1 Federation Way

Wed 6pm-7pm Momentous Sports Center

What is our approach?

What is our approach? Cali Rebels and the Jr. NBA partnered to bring a skills training curriculum that is unprecedented in Orange County. Your player will develop the basics in a fashion that is applicable at all levels. The lesson plans consists of rookie, starter, all star and MVP. We train players in the four specific disciplines that high school coaches judge a player on — Skills (shooting, dribbling and footwork), Toughness (physical and mental), IQ (understanding game objectives) and Motor (your rate of work on the court).

Integrated Approach

Our training program in Orange County is taught in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach these four categories as separate and discrete areas, it integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on game-like application. Much of the individual training that occurs today is designed to look impressive on social media and in front of parents,  but is often not applicable to tournament conditions or basketball game conditions.  Much of the skill work taught is also borrowed from the NBA and Division 1 college programs and not at all appropriate to the youth player.  As coaches we are often shocked when players tell us they have been doing individual skill work two or three times a week for a couple months. Why? The players have simply not gotten better.

Creating sound habits

An intelligent approach to training is necessary to play good basketball.  It doesn’t just happen and it certainly doesn’t happen without putting in work.  It doesn't happen with tennis balls and gloves and forty cones on the court.  It happens when you truly understand what the game is and directly apply drills that form habit to make you better at it.  Basketball is a tough, demanding sport played in a small space with ten people constantly running, jumping and moving.  It is frenetic and chaotic.  To truly understand the game you need to step back, slow down and understand the movements and techniques that can make you effective and get you to the next level. The biggest difference between a good offensive player and one who struggles is their ability to shoot, dribble and deploy proper footwork.  Some players can shoot.  Some can dribble.  Some can move their feet.  Good players do all three. The biggest difference between a good defensive player and one who struggles is their ability to play tough and smart for long stretches of time. Some players are tough. Some are smart. Some can play hard for long stretches. Good players do all three.

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